When a Heart Breaks

Words can’t even begin to express the beauty I saw last night.

We think we have to hide ourselves. We believe the lie that we’re all alone in what we’re going through. We cover up our struggles, hoping no one will notice how broken we really are.

When I went to a Friday night service to worship with other teens, I expected it to be good. But what I found was so much better than simply good.

People were no longer hiding what they felt. I witnessed young men and women talk about what they were dealing with, allowing themselves to break before the Lord and each other.

The best part about it was that I was able to experience the Holy Spirit filling the room as we sang, cried, talked, and prayed together.

All of us are broken, yet we go around afraid of what people would think if they knew what we were going through.

We, as Christians, are called to carry each other’s burdens.

How can we do that if every single one of us are faking our way through life?

When we allow ourselves to break before the Lord and each other, it’s impossible not to feel the Holy Spirit fill the room.

There’s just something beautiful about coming together as youth who love Christ, taking off the masks we hide behind every day, and being vulnerable.

Not everyone is ready to open up and let people see inside. It takes time. But the more we open ourselves up to each other, the more the light of Christ can shine through our brokenness.

Something a friend of mine said last night really spoke to me. “God won’t let us down. He can’t!”

Are you struggling or hurting? Do you want to be vulnerable but afraid?

I encourage you to take that first step of faith and break before Christ. Even if the people we’re closest to have let us down, God promises that he never will.

If there’s anything at all you’d like us to pray about, our prayer team is always available. No prayer request is too small or insignificant.

Our Prayer Team

Remember, God will never let you down. He can’t!