Corinn Linkowski: A Girl After God’s Own Heart

A beautiful young woman; a girl full of so much joy that everyone in the room could feel it.

An accident; unfair and unexpected. This terrible thing is what left 18 year old Corinn Linkowski fighting for her life.

Life hurts. Things happen that make no sense whatsoever.

What are we supposed to do when someone who loved the Lord her entire life is taken away?

Instead of going through an intense study to find the answer to this question, I want to take a few minutes to reflect on what Corinn taught me about following Christ.

I didn’t know Corinn personally, but I’ve watched all of the videos on her YouTube channel, Haven Avenue, where Corinn and her sister, Genevieve sang their hearts out for God.

Many of my friends knew her as a friend and it’s amazing to hear of how amazing Corinn was.

She loved to sing and had a beautiful smile. I didnt even have to meet her to know that God was working through her.

It’s never easy to understand why bad things happen to such wonderful people.

David addressed pain in a beautiful way when he wrote the book of Psalms.

The Psalms are full of heartbreaking trials and desperate pleas.

Though David wrote plenty of songs expressing joy, he also wrote his share of songs that resonate with the most tragic circumstance.

When he felt alone; when he felt like he was sinking and couldn’t find a way out, he did one thing.

David fell on his knees and poured everything out to the only One who understands.

My heart goes out to the Linkowski family as they’re facing the hardest trial of their lives.

It’s okay to be angry and upset when tragedy strikes. David expresses his emotions time and time again in the Psalms.

However, I think we can all learn from the Linkowski family that, even in the midst of pain, God can be trusted. They’ve chosen to ask that God’s will be done, even if that means it’ll hurt.

I love that, in Psalm 40, David pours his heart out to God in a way that makes him vulnerable. What’s amazing is that, by the end of the Psalm, David is praising God and making the descion to trust Him.

That’s something we can all learn from.

There’s nothing wrong with being angry and hurt when bad things happen. God can handle our feelings.

Please, continue to pray for the Linkowski family.

If you’d like to help them financially, they’ve set up a Go Fund Me page for Corinn.

If you can’t help financially, please leave a prayer for them in the comments.

Go Fund Me: Corinn Linkowski